The Champions League Thread


White devils of shit, Sister Dongo and the bark of the Ba Ba tree…hall of fame post.


Prepare to lose your house, Spurs are finishing in the top 4.


Enough internet for one day :joy:



Is this the full evolution of Topo? The persona he has been working to its full perfection, Daniel Day Lewis style, all these years, waiting for that perfect moment to unleash it upon OA’s heavy heads? Oh let it be!


After they took apart Madrid I don’t think anyone should be surprised by what happened last night. Even at 2-0 I thought it was too early to be having a laugh at their expense.

They bossed that match and it’s even more galling to see because we all know that that is the kind of performance we just aren’t capable of in the CL. We’d have been turned over by 3 or 4.


Anyone doubting Pochettino isn’t a good manager, this result proves he is certainly far better than Wenger.

I know spurs haven’t won anything, but the fact is spurs have a better manager and a better team than us and they have done more in the CL this season, than we have in several seasons.

If you want to settle for doing well in the domestic cup competitions then we are the club for you.

If you want a manager and club to do well in the top competitions look elsewhere.


I don’t understand what you’re talking about.
All I know is that we have just lost to spurs, we are in sixth place below them, and they have just drawn away to one of the favourites in the CL.
So what ever kind of witchcraft you’re using clearly needs an upgrade.


Mousa Dembele was awesome for them I hear


Dembele managing to stay fit and finding form he’s not been able to for a while will play a huge role in them getting top 4. Players like him are about as rare as Cazorla types.


Well, who’s going to take Luca’s house after he gambled it away on Spurs losing?

Good result for Spurs. A 2 goal draw will put them at an advantage in the return leg. We would have somehow found a way to concede 4 counter attacking goals against the fatman.


Pay me 20 mil and you get it :wink:


Impressive stats from the cunts tbh :disappointed:

Juventus had only conceded one goal in their previous 16 games - and none in 2018.

Goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon had not conceded a goal for 694 minutes - a run going back to Italy’s World Cup play-off defeat by Sweden in November when the second leg ended 0-0.

Juve had won their past 10 games in league and cup over the last two months.

It is only the second time they have failed to win a Champions League home game after being two goals ahead - the last was against Manchester United in the 1999 semi-final second leg.

Spurs are the first team to wipe out a two-goal deficit at the Juventus Stadium, now called the Allianz Stadium, since the Italian champions moved there in 2011.

Juve have conceded two goals in a home Champions League game for the first time since February 2016 - 2-2 against Bayern Munich.

They had not conceded twice in any home game since October when they lost 2-1 to Lazio.



What’s happened to Thiago then?


It’s a big call but the right one in my opinion. I really like Kimpembe. He’s got a bright future for sure.

He was immense in the 4-0 win over Barcelona last year, had Messi in his pocket! Then in the second leg he was dropped for Thiago and they lost 6-1. I’m not saying that was just Thiago’s fault… but I have doubts about his performances in big games.


When they are going out no one will remember it. Relax.


Maybe he wants to move to Arsenal :henry2:


That’s not how gambling works mi friendo


Better to sell my house to a Spud :wink:


Nah, it’d be lost on a spud from some shithole in N17. An Italianate mansion on Capri would be too much for them.