The Champions League Thread


Well, still below City, P.S.G. and Barcellona, the cunts!


Can’t trust a team that loses 4-1 in a CL final.


Kick Denmark out from the EU. Thanks.


Same but I was convinced otherwise by @A.F & @TheSpecialCnut


Angus…:face_with_raised_eyebrow: @Electrifying


Gotta be careful with them two. @A.F. is a Mourinho lover and @TheSpecialCnut is Chilean.


When I heard how many cockerels died for this, it all just feels like a waste.




Man City game doesn’t seem to be what the scoreline suggests it is, infogol app has them at .81 xG.



Lucas on for Tottenham.


Fuck off Juventus bottlers!


Luca you fucking pesto muncher.

You should know more than anyone that Jube and Europe do not mix. They don’t have their referees there so it never works out.

That’s why I respect allegri so much, he managed to push through the Jube CL shitness and get them to CL finals.

The only clubs that are bigger European bottlers are Benefica and us.


Sad but true. Bottlers of the highest order!


Would’ve been a very enjoyable game if it wasn’t Tottenham


Good for England to have serious clubs in the Champions League now instead of jokers like ourselves.




Hey it’s not my fault Higuain bottling rubbed off on the rest of Juventus


The grass is always greener on the other side.


Brilliant result for Spurs, it’s simply amazing how much better than us they are becoming.