The Champions League Thread


I hate football. Dirty danish.


Eriksen 2-2

Buffon did a Cech.


I’m really agitated at how in control of this entire game Tottenham have been. It’s hugely impressive.

Edit: Yep 2-2 and richly deserved, sadly


Please, i am paying everyone who can stop Tottenham. Gonna kill myself if these cunts go through.


ban @Cristo

Fuck off Juve bottlers


Buffon. Always said he was past it :sunglasses:


Why is everything against us? Why? Why? Tottenham are pure cunts FFS!


2-2 the fat danish biscuit


Are you gonna have another meltdown luca?


Szczesny would have saved that.


You don’t know how much i hate Spurs. Absolutely nothing team full of cunts.


You hate Spurs? You kept that a secret!


Buffon on both goals :confused:


Spurs are completely dominating this game,at juve’s turf which is more impressive, FFS.


Buffon should’ve saved it but it was still cleaver from Eriksen

Now Spurs will get the winner…


I want them to go bankrupt.

Oh well! A new DVD is coming out soon “We overcome a 2 goal disadvantage”.


Europa League>>>>>Spurs. Fuck them!


Cheer up GFI, we’ve got Östersund on Thursday :sunglasses:


Indeed. Better than those cunts. Fucking cocksuckers from Seven Sisters Road, an absolute shithole.


Jokes on you guys for believing Juve are to be trusted in europe.

I had a feeling this could have happened.