The Champions League Thread




Gigi :giroud:


How I hope Buffon wins the champions league


Dirty fucker!


None of this shit tonight please.




Spurs will go through.


Hopefully this wakes Juventus up now.


Based on what?


Big away goal to be fair. Juventus have took their foot off the gas a bit


Juventus need to wake the fuck up now, tbh.


ffs Juve bottling it. Shit Newcastle


Agree, they look the better side tbh :confused:

On another note, I have to admit I’m something of a closet City fan. Like their players and the football they are playing, it’s nice to see them restoring a bit of quality and reputation to the english game.


Wake the fuck up Juventus! It’s fucking Tottenham, the most overatted team in the world.


I think Tottenham will go through as well, which is excellent news based on my recent predictions :+1:


I think Tottenham can win the Champions League. Why not?


Eriksen really is a great player


Italian tv is cocksucking Tottenham so hard :roll_eyes:


Well they are dominating the best team in Italy in their own backyard. Painful to watch this, just admit it


Did Kane get booked for diving earlier on?