The Champions League Thread


Fucking dive cunt!


Hopefully it’s a hammering.


Kane diving again!! Mouthbreathing cunt


Referees in Europe>>>>>>>referees in the Premier Lague.


When are the British press going to call Kane out for persistent diving


Wow City! 2-0 Bernardo Silva!


I fucking hate Kane. Didn’t even try to play the ball then.

Safe to the two biggest divers in the Premier League are both English, and coincidently both Spurs players. Doesn’t help the media with their narrative unfortunately.


When Poch discusses tactics with his team, there is a white board with just a picture of a swimming pool stuck on it.


Can’t wait til Poch goes to Madrid and returns these cunts to the purgatory where they belong.


Kane complaining because he is not getting any help like he usually gets in the Premier League.

3-0 Aguero lol! City are hammering Basel.








Great shave


Assuming he’s not lined up to be Bayern manager next season it’s hard to see Spurs not going for the very obvious hire in Tuchel.


Has Luke the gooner hacked bl1nks account?


Lol Kane bottling on the biggest stage


Juventus’s defence :ok_hand:

Oh so close to the 3-0!


I love the way Buffon celebrates saves like they’re goals :grin:

He looks like he could continue playing at this level for another 5 years :goat:


Don’t spoil my fun you suspicious flosser fish n chips boy.