The Champions League Thread

1-1 FT. Celtic being shit once again…

Some of us are happy because we can participate (only) in this annual event.

Falcao scored for Monaco against Fenerbahce. Since he came back to Monaco he has looked a completely new player. He has scored some goals during pre-season.
2-1 Fenerbahce. Emenike again.
That would have been a great solo goal by Tufan.
2-1 FT for Fenerbahce. Despite they look a very good squad, with some talent, Monaco always fail to step up.

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Dundalk from Ireland knock BATE out! And WTF in APOEL-Rosenborg!? Match-fixing?

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The home-away group format is exhausting. Too much money in play bough it would probably expand before it contracts to something more exciting. Can’t wait to get Olympiakos and Dortmund in our group again. They should have some kind of restriction on not playing the same team more than once in a 3 year period. Who cares about a draw just seed and make the groups.

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Monaco are qualified atm, as they are beating Fenerbahce 2-0. Falcao scored again (penalty). Celtic up as well.

Come on, we are Arsenal… should be happy to show up and participate.

Another shock tonight! Hapoel Beer Sheva are through, while Olympiakos are out.
Fenerbahce hit the bar!
It was coming for the turkish side. Emenike pulls one back.
I missed Falcao getting injured again, lol!
3-1 Germain! No extra time in any case. Celtic concede and it’s 1-1! Young Boys take Shakhtar to extra time. Another surprise tonight.
Ajax score right at the end. They are almost through.
Ajax and Red Bull have qualified. Maybe Red Bull can finally qualify to group stage for the first time in their history after spending a lot of money.

Get in! AJAX MADE IT! :smiley:

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Upset in Bruxelles as well! Rostov knock Anderlecht out! Monaco and Legia are through as well.
Young Boys-Shakhtar goes to penalties. And even Shakhtar are out!

At least we can’t play Olympiakos in the Champions league Group stages again this campaign.


Be great if Dundalk got Celtic in the next round. I fancy their chances!

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I know we’ve benefitted a lot over the years from top 4 places to make it into the CL, but I do wish they would reduce it a little. Instead of top countries getting 4 spots, I’d like to see an absolute maximum of 3 spots. Since they increased the amount progressively over the past 20 years, it had a negative effect on the UEFA Cup and also the Cup Winners Cup getting abolished. Two competitions they were worthy cup achievements that somewhat suffered as CL became a huge money making machine.

Mind you it seems to be more of an English thing to snub Europa League compared to anywhere else, but if it run properly, it should always be a worth while competition to win, but the endless amount of games played, especially at the group stages) adds to its devalued status somewhat. Just go back to the old Knockout format from the start. (Europa I mean, not CL).


Great now we don’t even have to get top 4.

Thankfully doesn’t sound as bad as the plans they had initially with guaranteeing spots for big names from the past, that are dog shit compared to the rest and the whole weekend game idea just so that they could more easily sell ads in Asia.

Only a matter of time until that 4 becomes 5 becomes 6 and before you know it Stoke are in tge Champions League.

A glimpse of 2023 “Wenger has always mangaed to get top 6, what are you cunts complaining about”.


The whole competition needs a shake up. Its become stagnant, predictable and boring.

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Nothing will change no matter what format you use, the top 5 or so sides are just that much better than everyone else in Europe.

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I’d love to see straight knock (starting at like 124 teams or something like that) until there was 8 teams remaining then form groups and the two group winners progress to the final. Some variant of that would be awesome i think. It would mean teams had to try in Europe form the off. No messing about and losing and being able to make it up over 5 more games. If you mess up you’re in danger of going out. It’s what a cup should be.