The Champions League Thread


Watching a match once every 4 month or so.


Football clubs mainly get their money through sponsorship and tv deals, I’m no expert but I believe the match day revenue is a relatively small amount in comparison. It’s more important for aesthetics and atmosphere.

Football clubs should definitely do more to make it more affordable. Ticket prices and match day shirts are ridiculously expensive for what they offer.


Up until recent TV deal, Matchday revenue constituted 50% of overall revenue for Arsenal & most clubs. It is now 1/3rd of revenue.

Clubs like Arsenal still rely on it.
If they have to compete with current transfer market, they will eventually raise ticket prices.

And I don’t see what is wrong with that. Look at the table, they have been earning the same revenue from Matchday for last 10 years. Inflation of transfer price needs to be accomodated somewhere.


Fair enough! I’ll admit to being particularly knowledgeable on club finances. It does seem fair to say that match day revenue will continue to decline in importance for clubs, especially with more television deals done for foreign markets.
Clubs could definitely do more anyway. They make a tonne of money, especially since 2016 so it wouldn’t hurt them. Liverpool seem to be taking a good stand on this, especially with their prices for away games.


Fair points but the days of moralising in modern day football have long since sailed im afraid.


A club like Arsenal need money coming in from every avenue, no matter how big or small. I think I once read we make around 2m on our home games alone. Say around 40m-50m a season. Can equate to something worthwile.


Juventus vs Spurs should be a beauty, expecting City to win easily in Switzerland.


Spurs are so dirty i have to support Juventus, a team i do really hate :rofl:


They’ll get thrashed, don’t worry. It’ll be fun watching Szczesny keeping Kane out


Was speaking to a Juve fan at work yesterday and he said that he’s worried about tonight as they have a lot of injuries.

Looking at their injury list, they’re missing Dybala, Barzagli, Matuidi, Cuadrado and Howedes.

As good an opportunity Spurs are going to get to nick a result.


It’s more likely to be Buffon.

Juve’s defensive record is something else, though – even with their injuries, they’re winning matches without conceding any goals. Hopefully they will continue that run tonight.


Gigi is back, tbh.


Or for Arsenal fans “Tuesday”


Buffon is an old man now, he needs to make way for Szczesny


It’s Gigi’s last season though.


Xhaka’s brother playing for Basel. Maybe he is better than his brother :mustafi:. Sanè back on the bench for City.


Buffon is still the man


Probably my favourite footballer ever who didn’t play for a team I followed.


Come on the Old Lady! Make it a Valentine’s Eve to remember


Basel’s Oberlin is quick as shit, scored this goal earlier in the competition.