The Champions League Thread


This is due to the exchange rate, no?

Bit petty from Man United though. They’re punishing Sevilla fans, who have nothing to do with pricing. Also, it’s a bit hypocritical of United to complain considering what they charged Derby fans for the FA Cup game at the weekend.


Exactly, Derby fans will be laughing at that one. All English clubs are seen as easy targets to fleece in European ties though. We’re all wealthy apparently


Well, Sevilla seem to be sidestepping uefa rules here to make this happen, so I’m not sure if ManUtd shouldn’t be doing the same.


Cant knock them for supporting their own fans. Might be aimed more at Seville, but fuck them.


They haven’t

Article 19, subsection 3 of UEFA’s regulations reads: “Unless the associations or clubs concerned agree otherwise, the price of tickets for supporters of the visiting team must not exceed the price paid for tickets of a comparable category that are sold to supporters of the home team.”

Sevilla have also instituted significant prices rises for home fans as well so Sky Sports News understands no UEFA rules have been contravened.

The Spanish club charged fans between €80 (£70) and €180 (£159) for their last-16 clash with Leicester City last season.


It’s the same for both clubs. They’re changing prices for tickets that are already included in their season ticket package so that they can charge the away fans more. Maybe sidestepping isn’t the right word but it’s definitely not the right thing to do.


Mourinho:" We lost due to high prizes for the ticket".

Can already see it :smile:


No, they’ve put the away prices up to target English fans, it’s fair play that United are doing the same.


Fair play to Utd, Fuck the paella boys

did I do it right @Luca_from_Italy ?


Was it fair play United when they charged Derby fans £45 to watch an FA Cup game?


Only if you believe that two wrongs actually do make a right, i.e. if you have a very warped sense of justice. United are mugging off a bunch of ordinary fans who have precisely nothing to do with how much United fans are being charged.

Their actions are just as bad as Sevilla’s, except Man U can say “they did it first”. It’s just responding to a cunt move with a cunt move.


Well they like us will always be category A games so we always get charged top price. So by rights they havent got much room to complain by modern day standards here.


I disagree. Considering tickets for away fans in the league are capped at £30, there is no reason to be charging a Championship club £45. Some PL teams like Spurs charged £10 for their FA Cup match. Even Liverpool only charged around £30 and they were playing in a local derby.


‘Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile’

The Prem price cap has served to shine a spotlight on other competitions’ pricing and not before time :+1:


Yeah, but Manure are always scums though :wink:


All that Brexit money innit.


Well if football fans want to see 50 60 70 80m worth players on the field, they should be ready to pay up atleast that much for a match.
I would say even 100 pounds would be fair deal.


You’re pricing ordinary folk out of the game and they are the lifeblood of this sport. It’s easy to disregard them when you live in another continent (and I absolutely do not mean that in a disrespectful way at all). The truth is Football has always been a working mans game and you’re pricing the working man out the game with some of those kinds of ticket prices.

When you factor in travel, food, drinks, any matchday extras like a programme and the price of a ticket… it becomes almost unaffordable for average folk to enjoy.


Well then clubs can’t sustain fans’ expectations & also keep it affordable for them.
There is no salary cap, no transfer fee cap, no agent fee cap.
Defenders are going for 90m, keepers are going for 40m, youngsters are earning 40k as norm.
Something has to give.

I say fans have to do their share now.


Just wondering how you see fans such as yourself fitting into that?