The Champions League Thread


See ya later Spurs

City through to the quarter finals


Complete draw?


Called it


Real Madrid v PSG. Tasty.

Shakhtar v Roma. Not so tasty.


That’s a really entertaining draw. Hope PSG tear Real apart!

Chelsea vs Barça and Juventus vs Spurs should be fun too!


Of course Man United again get a relatively easy draw.

PSG Vs Real Madrid could easily be a final or semifinal yet they meet so early!

Well thank God there are some different matchups this time.


Barca will be difficult but the rest of the ties are winnable for English clubs.


I think Chelsea will run Barça tight to be honest. I think they’ll do well in Europe this season yet disappoint in the league


There can sometimes be shocks in the CL though, last year Leicester knocked out Sevilla, Barca came from 4-0 down to beat PSG, we were knocked out by Bayern… :sunglasses:

Hopefully we’ll see some decent matches and a couple of surprise results.


Good draw for our teams. Both can go through.



What about the Europa league draws?


Id say City, united, Liverpol certs. The other 2 fighting chance. Going to be an all english game somewhere down the line.


Starts in a minute.

Although I’ll save you the time, and tell you we got Dortmund :slight_smile:


Chelsea are unbeaten in their last seven games against Barca W2 D5 and Messi has never scored against them in 8 appearances.

Worst record in his career, gotta change at some point.



I’m watching it live here:


Real vs PSG, Barca vs Chelsea & Juve vs Tottenham all pretty mouthwatering ties on paper.


Some massive draws in this! Makes the CL very interesting


Madrid struglling against Al Jazira. 1 0 and 2 goals not granted due to VAR.

You can watch it here:


2-1 Bale. Fuck!
Real are through.