The Champions League Thread


I’m missing the Champions League action tonight as my train line is an absolute shambles. Two hours and counting to get home so far…


Still at work?


Feyenoord are pretty shit.


Nope. Left work over two hours ago. I think someone jumped in front of a train so there are lots of delays. I’m hungry, someone send food :grimacing:


Outreagous and I normally go on about how good the system is over there, what’s the problem ? Signal failure ?


Yeah police operations, not much can be done when that happens I’m afraid. Hopefully City win so Napoli avoid Europa :rofl:


Food for Jade please! :rofl:


Maribor, Real and Porto up.
Besiktas also up. Porto are qualified atm.
2-0 Real! Dortmund :arteta:
2-0 Liverpool. It’s gonna be a thrashing.


As it stands, Dortmund will also be missing out on the Europa League. I know they are pretty shit at the moment, but they’re still a capable team and will no doubt improve by Feb. Would rather avoid them.


What a chance for Napoli with Mertens!
Christ! Another golden chance for Napoli! Meanwhile, 3-0 Liverpool.
Tottenham lead.


3-0 is a dangerous scoreline in football… just ask Liverpool.


Adios Napoli! 1-0 Shakhtar.


So Napoli and Atletico to Euro League then. Should liven up the competition.


1-1 Feyenoord, 2-0 Shakhtar and 2-0 Porto.


City are such pricks


Can imagine the team talk, “go have fun, if you lose - it’s a bonus”


2-0 Tottenham.
Porto and Monaco down to 10 men.


And of course Dortmund make the worse Madrid team in how many years look decent.


@Persona explain. Thanks!


3-0 Porto! Monaco so shit this season.
Aubameyang pulls one back.