The Champions League Thread


Napoli and Atletico are superior to us though, we are probably on par with BVB.


Haven’t Athletico been pretty abismal this campaign?


We are better than Dortmund, Atletico are in average form and Napoli although decent are not world beaters. Superior is far to big a term to be using.


Ok I think those 2 will be considered favourites for the Europa league ahead of us, that better ?


Atletico haven’t been great in the CL but they haven’t lost a game yet in La Liga. We all know what Napoli can do. And no doubt Dortmund will find their feet again soon.

I wouldn’t fancy us against any of them to be honest.


Yeah thats more reasoned out. These would be a repeat of the reasoning used by people in last seasons FA cup on City and Chelsea.


Worth noting as well, that as things stand, Dortmund, Napoli and Atletico will not be seeded in the Europa League last 32 so we can draw one of them.


Lol it really should be seeded on coefficient rather than how many points you tally in the group stage.


It should have the 3rd placed teams play against each other in the ro32. It’s already bad enough that they’re being put in the EL.


Dortmund are fucking shit! Ask @Persona

Well, until they get rid of that dutch prat.


Benfica have had an abysmal campaign this year. Fear they might fall to the levels of Ajax demise here.


Yeah at the moment they are, but the round of 32 games aren’t played until February. Dortmund could have a new manager and been given a kick up the backside by then.

Atlético’s transfer ban ends in January too, so they’ll have Costa available, and maybe other new additions. I’d imagine they’ll be favourites to win it.

It’s a bit unfortunate that it’ll be quite a challenge to win the EL this season. Man United basically strolled to the final last season.


Yeah Man United lucked out, even though it was only the Europa League they probably had the most favourable run I can remember in regards to teams that have won it.


Im not really sure anybody remembers anyone elses run to winning the Europa tbh.


Not many interesting games today. Watching Juventus though.


No Messi.

Easy 4-2-3-1 for Bayern.

A bit risky from Allegri.


Olympiakos attacking.
Basel up against Benfica. They are through atm.
What a save by Proto on Dybala!

1-0 Basel

1-0 Bayern!


Old Trafford half empty. Benfica’s stadium has about 5 fans in it. Got to love a Champions League night.

Mind you, that’s still probably more fans than we’ll have on Thursday night :grin:


So 1 one person on thursday? Is it gonna be you Jade? :wink:


1-0 Lewandowski

1-0 Cuadrado. Great move and assist by Alex Sandro.

Juventus controlling the game without any problem.
Olympiako’s defence FFS! Wow! One of the worst i have ever seen.