The Champions League Thread


I think they will sack their manager in the following days, BVB performance has been shocking lately. Their last 10 game have been horrendous.

Bartra, burki, toprak and yarmolenko have been by far the worst players of their squad.

They will struggle once they lose PEA.


Revierderby next. Schalke’s gonna sack Bosz. :giroud3:


Sadly, it is true. Wish him a speed recovery.


Was listening to a debate on the radio – does anyone think that they should get rid of the rule that states clubs from the same association cannot be drawn against each other in the last 16?

For example, as it stands, Chelsea can only be drawn against PSG, Barcelona or Besiktas. Sevilla and Real Madrid will finish second, yet won’t have to face Barcelona. Besiktas on the other hand, have won their group but could face a big team – Juve, Bayern, Real etc. They don’t have any mates, they don’t have anyone on the scale of Barcelona who they’d be fortunate to not have to face. It’s a travesty I tell ya!!!


Chelsea plays in 12 minutes against Qarabag. CSKA Moscow play as well.


Chelsea and CSKA up at HT.
3-0 Chelsea with Fabregas and 2-0 CSKA.


Thought Villa would be on the list tbh


4-0 William.


Azerbaijan is a hard place to go, they said after Atletico failed to score. 10 goals for Chelsea v Qarabag over 2 games. Atletico managed 1. They look a bit silly now.


As the notification that I got from Sport on my mobile said: “BOMBA: ¡Messi no está en el once titular!”.

Bit of a shock to them then :joy:


Messi on the bench!

Chelsea and CSKA win. Chelsea are qualified.


What injury does Messi have ? Hopefully nothing to serious.


Resting him I believe. Practically guaranteed top spot anyway (I think), plus they play Valencia Sunday!


Juventus already dangerous with Douglas Costa.

Juventus playing well atm. Barca are just defending.


Lol PSG proper fucked that. Some finish from Dembelè


P.S.G. equalize with Neymar.


They should get rid of it altogether. Let them be in groups with each other.


The game is more balanced now, but Barca lack the cutting edge.
Cuadrado with a great assist to Iniesta :arteta:
Barca hit the post!
Neymar again. Great goal!

What a dive from Paulinho!

P.S.G. with the third. Cavani.


And the best of the bunch was in this game



PSG just equalled the record for goals scored in a single group stage.