The Champions League Thread


I love saying Ben Yedder’s name. It’s one of my faves in football land.


complete slaughter in Nicosia atm, they’re giving goals away like it’s christmas.


What a goal for Insigne! If only he’d been available for Italy’s World Cup qualifier… oh wait…


6-0 Real. Thrashing

Insigne :giroud2:


Thank Jesus he wasn’t played…or Ventura.


Really don’t like Dele Alli or his playing style. Hope he goes to Real Madrid and flops hard.


Lolerpool are back! 2-3!


Bartra. :joy: His decision making at times is brilliantly awful.


He always flops. Usually in the penalty box.


Only Liverpool need to score 6 goals to be sure to win the game.


I really want him in the premier league.


I would kill for him here :smile:


Son. 2-1 Tottenham.


Peter Bosz is not looking like a very good hire, is he? By the scouting/DoF team that we’re bring over here…


Bosz is unbelievably shit their season is done, they won’t Europa either.


Great move to let Zielinski score the second.

3-0 Mertens.


I don’t want to make accusations but isn’t it convenient that KDB got needlessly booked - meaning he’ll be suspended for their dead rubber and will go into the next round with a clean slate :thinking:


They cannot.


Sterling puts City ahead right at the end.


You are shit. Get over it. Hope you got relegated this season.