The Champions League Thread


Sevilla are pretty poor this season, compared to the Sevilla sides of recent campaigns.


@Luca_from_Italy keep up the posting of videos along with your score updates and you’ll become one of my favourite posters pretty quickly


How to finish off an angus :wink:


2-0 Real with Benzema. Nice move.


Why would you bet on Monaco? They have had an appalling campaign!


Shakhtar should be up, tbh.


Roman Buerki with 2 brilliant saves in as many minutes. :muscle:


Nacho. 3-0 Real as well. Easy tap-in from a corner.

Monaco pull one back.



We’ve been 8 times you prick :wink:


I don’t know I just seen the ad on twitter about the odds getting better even after you bet on it so thought it was worth a shot for a fiver lol


Monaco…meh. 1-4.

4-0 Benzema


He said won ya bastart. :wink:


I shoot him dead and now he can’t respond :poldi:


Napoli 0-0 at HT. Lucky to be a draw for them.


Whatever Merson thinks might happen, he should just say the opposite. Then he wouldn’t be wrong so often.


Hah true. :joy: Misread that awfully there didn’t I @Persona :joy:

You win this round Luca… :wink:




5-0 Real and 1-1 Tottenham.


Wtf, what a stupid goal conceded by Dortmund.


Seville pull one back.