The Champions League Thread


Yeah I suppose mathematically this is true, but I can’t see Spartak causing Liverpool many problems at Anfield, unless Liverpool are the ones already qualified.


Callejon already dangerous, but it was offside.
Fuck! Liverpool immediately up lol!
Cheap goal to give away.

Shakhtar not so far away from scoring. Dangerous shot just over the bar.
Leipzig up. Monaco are in deep trouble.

2-0 Leipzig! Great finishi by Werner.


I knew I had made the right choice :sunglasses:


At least no Monaco in the Europa League :xhaka:. Don’t like the fuckers :sanchez2:


What a chance for Shakhtar! They are playing well.
Napoli a bit dire atm, but it’s all down to Shakhtar being well-organized and dangerous on counter.
2-0 Liverpool. Yawn. So cheap again!

1-0 Real with Modric.


What an assist by Vinicius for Modric.


ffs Monaco.

Fucking up the skybet treble Tuesday price boost


Italian revenge on scottish people who hate us.


This post made me think WTF because I was sure he wasn’t at Madrid yet :joy:


Fuck me Insigne! Would have been a great goal. Great save!
3-0 Liverpool FFS! I won’t go to Seville anymore!

Monaco are pathetic as well. 3-0 Leipzig.


I fancy putting a bet on Italy doing well at the world cup next year. Ah fuck hold on I can’t as Italy aren’t even at the World Cup! :joy::wink:



PEA didn’t celebrate the goal.


He wants to leave.


capitol! fuck the spuds!


Pathetic angus.



Truth hurts pasta boy :wink:


How many world cups have the mighty Scotland won?


Very, very difficult for Napoli. Shakhtar can be one of the underdogs this season.