The Champions League Thread


Let’s cross those bridges when we come to them. we’ve no idea how a draw might play out and we only have to worry about teams we have to actually play. Those ties are 4/5 months away if ever!


Football is fucking shit right now.


Fucking Dortmund arent mate. Yesterdays news for 3 seasons now.


Chiringuito time. :yum:


Jealous of the Scum beating Real Madrid so easily.

Would never see us doing that these days :frowning:


Dele Alli to Madrid confirmed.


None of this cheering spurs players crap please!


Pochettino as well :wenger:


What a tweet from Claude :joy:


Tweet of the fucking year lol



Watching Napoli-Shakhtar today. If Napoli don’t win they are out.


No rest for Kane and Auba is back.

Incredible how Klopp has benched Milner after a good season.

Both Besiktas and Spartak draw. The turkish side are qualified.


Can my teams do the double against the Scum? :giroud3:


No, as Dortmund are just a shittier Arsenal.


Sevilla-Scouse or Dortmund-Scum? :thinking: Opinions?


Napoli-Shakhtar or you could watch Madrid just to take the piss out of Penaldo or Shitaldo with your madridistas cuntish friends :wink:


Liverpool Sevilla. That group is pretty close. Spurs v Dortmund is a dead rubber.


Sevilla vs Liverpool is a decider for top spot, with the Russians butchering at home to Maribor both have pretty much qualified now.


Not necessarily, whoever loses will still only be 1 or 2 points above Sp.Moscow.

All the games are pretty shit tonight to be honest. I’m going to go for Monaco Leipzig. The hipsters’ choice.