The Champions League Thread


I agree but Tuchel is very similar, Dortmund were very suspect defensively under him also.


Spartak pull one back.
CR7 scores.


Wonder what @Arsenal4thetreble makes of Poch and Spurs battering the side that’s won 3 of the last 4 in the boring Champions League ?


Ronaldo! Deflected and in

May be an interesting ten mins


With 2017 Lloris in goal, anything is possible.

Comeback might be on :grimacing:


I always felt like Tuchel had something though. Bosz looks out of his depth. TT now needs to be smart with his choice of next job.


Yep. So is Alfredo 'qué es JALLOwin" Duro. :joy:

Cristóbal Soria (the one from @Burgundy 's video) is an absolute clown but I have to say he cracks me up. El Chiringuito is the Jersey Shore of sport but have to admit when things are bad for Madrid it can make for entertaining, if mind-numbing, television.


Roman Buerki’s bored… so he’s become suicidal. :no_mouth:

Sounds like a Polish keeper we had a few years back. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think he has something also but I’m not sure going to a top club would be in his best interest, I don’t think he’s ready.


Early reports suggesting Ghoulam done his ACL tonight


Ghoul-am’s out at Halloween?

Sorry. :expressionless:


Reina saves on Silva.
3-0 Liverpool.
4-2 Sterling. So undeserved.


I don’t watch this shitty competition so I don’t really have an opinion. Do spurs win a trophy for this?



1-1 in Cyprus.
1-1 in Dortmund.

:joy: Well done, APOEL.


Picture worth a thousand words. Watzke - CEO at the whistle.


Bosz out FFS!



So we are getting Atletico, Dortmund & Napoli in the Europa League in Feb :rofl:, we fell into this competition 12 months to late people.


So? Man, stop being such a doom monger.


Just being realistic, those 3 sides are all superior to us… Man United lucked out last season with the 5 sides they had to beat to win the competition.


Let’s see if they bother to win it :thinking: