The Boxing Thread


Lol love it.

And the Avengers based music :arteta:

Usyk sure is Thanos, and Bellew will be Tony Stark


Usyk by way of complete domination where Bellew barely wins a round and probably gets stopped.


Bellew holding his own so far tbf


Yeah a really good performance so far. Shutting everyone (inc. me) up lol


Crippling knockout.


As soon as I posted that, Usyk resumed normal service.

What a KO, and props to Bellew, made that a fun fight


Yeah it was a fun start but once Usyk made the adjustments it was easy worn for him. Respect to Bellew for going out like this though, against a master and giving a good account of himself.


This looked like the KO just now :rofl:


I hope Bellew calls it a day now. Being brutally honest hes over achieved in his career.


I’m looking forward to Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury - December 1st

Will set my alarm for about 2:50am

Fury met Floyd Mayweather the other night at the LA Lakers basketball game plus he’s been doing some serious training with the brothers.


I think Fury is gonna destroy Wilder.


From what I’ve seen Mr Arsenal4thetreble I like Tyson Fury’s mind set, especially in the BT RoundTable Chat (link provided). He explained things well and countered Wilder. You know Wilder said recently Fury doesn’t have a weakness. Bit of a strange comment to make. Wilder just wants to land that right.


He does look in much better shape than I thought he’d be in tbf.

He might just do it.


Tyson Fury is 6f9 with an 85 inch reach and Deontay Wilder is 6f7 with an 83 inch reach, but Wilder is very unpredictable with his punching technique - throws at silly angles. Tyson has movement on his side and general ring iq.


I’m starting to worry that Fury might actually do it but I hope to God not.

If this guy retires unbeaten with wins over Wladimir Klitschko and Deontay Wilder I’ll lose my mind.


I hope he beats Wilder.


I would have wanted Fury to beat Wilder but I want the Joshua-Wilder fight to be the mega fight that it should be and if Fury beats Wilder then that doesn’t happen.

It’s the kind of generational heavyweight fight we haven’t seen Tyson-Lewis so it has to happen


Joshua-Fury would be a mega fight much the same way and anyway how about they all fight each other?

I like Tyson because he’s old school, a student of the game and expert trash talker. The religion nonsense is annoying though.

Lennox and Tyson were considered past their best when they fought btw.


Wouldn’t get the Americans interested which is where the big money is.

I want Joshua - Wilder and I want it to be close.

Then I want a Joshua - Wilder 2 in Las Vegas.


You don’t need to school me on boxing history I’m well aware that both Lewis and Tyson were past their primes but it was the richest fight and a generational “event” for the heavyweight division and that’s precisely what Wilder-Joshua would be.

People were yearning for Wilder-Joshua and that’s the fight boxing fans really want to see because of the fascinating clash of styles.

But yeah I do want them all to fight each other but I want a generation defining heavyweight fight that helps to propel boxing as it should do.