The Boxing Thread


Ffs. Should have just kept your hands up against Floyd, Victor.


Caught the Groves - Smith fight tonight. Smith has the capabilities to unify the division I reckon. Globally it’s not packed with huge talent right now so he’s got a good shot at cleaning it up.


Anyone see the Wilder-Fury press conference just now?

That shit was getting way out of BT’s control lol. Sky will be pissing themselves seeing that unfold.

Wilder came off a lot better imo. Fury was just talking shit throughout.


So the fight isn’t on sky box office?


Nah mate it’s PPV on BT Sport Box Office.




Saunders rightly denied a license to fight after his failed test. For the amount of money at stake you’d think his team would be more vigilant about the products they use.


But WADA allow you to use Oxilofrine out of competition. It’s hard to see how a license denial would be merited when the two anti-doping organisations can’t even agree on what is considered misuse.


Pudha :rofl::rofl:


Both fighters signed up to VADA and Saunders was given a list of banned substances, and he tested positive for one of those banned substances so there’s not really any argument for him to have.


Well I think it’s dumb.



a few comments down:

“his toughest opponent so far”



Floyd you absolute beauty