The Boxing Thread


Hes a monster. I fear for Bellew.


He did though, I don’t think he lost a round. It was a bad style match up for Wlad because he’s used to outboxing and he was facing a longer outboxer. In turn AJ lost rounds and got put down.

You can take certain steroids, cut them out for a few days and then pass a drugs test. The testing in boxing isn’t great. Guys take them for asthetic reasons so when millions are at stake I question why you wouldn’t take them?

Anyway I like the way Fury has developed his skillset. He didn’t look sharp/quick but he’s developed his shoulder role, lots of fluid half steps, circling and feinting.

Fury could potentially keep Wilder off balance by outboxing him or backing him up. Wilder can knock Fury out if he lands enough clean, sure. But I tend to go with the boxer to take the punchers punch away by keeping him off balance. And I don’t like Wilder’s low guard defense

Although Wilder is quicker and the better athlete so maybe he’ll land those bombs, who knows?


But it wasn’t really a lesson because he didn’t really do anything outstanding. Hence my argument that he didn’t really give him a lesson. I just think Fury gets too much credit for the Wlad win when it was more that Wlad did nothing rather than Fury made the fight so that his opponent could do nothing.

I think the best thing about the Wilder-Joshua-Fury triangle is that nobody legitimately knows who will win the sequence of fights we could end up seeing.

In my opinion Fury is cashing out. I’ve heard from some people close to Matchroom that they offered Fury a Bellew-Whyte-Joshua route but he wasn’t interested and favoured the Frank Warren route of a couple of bums and then cash out on a mega fight.

I think Fury, off the juice and having ballooned up and just generally not looked after himself for the few years, just doesn’t have it anymore. And I think he’s going to get slept by Wilder.


I agree to an extent. Too much - maybe. But you cant help compare Vs AJ and that Klitch was still then miles better than other heavyweight fighters in the division despite being on the slide.

Nailed it on the head there. That’s the biggest draw of this. Three fighters One Enigma, One Lump and one Gobby Yank with a Punch.

I could see that. Most boxers would want the rounds and experience to get the best shot they could as well as the trainers and managers. Thing is though Fury is not the full ticket though - so I would not put it past him thinking in his head he believes he can beat Wiler and AJ without doing the training and hard time involved.

I think that might be his downfall either in this fight or the next with AJ if he wins.


Well it was a shutout though. You can argue it’s a style’s thing because Wlad likes to box off the back foot and relly on his height and reach so it suited Fury styles wise. But still he shut him out and it was easy work.

Fury probably isn’t off the juice. He might have lost speed and stamina though and he was always slower than Wilder anyway.

As for Fury cashing out, maybe you’re right. But that doesn’t mean he’ll lose. Back in the day another Warren Cash Cow in Calzage ducked loads of boxers. Believe it or not he even wanted to pull out of the Lacy fight that he dominated. Boxing is a scary risky sport and many fighters don’t want a hard fight unless the money is life changing?



I don’t dispute that he might win but I genuinely can’t see it. I think he’s built a reputation off of one fight because nobody really took him that seriously as a legitimate top tier heavyweight before he beat Wlad because people could see that whilst he was a decent fighter, he was definitely beatable.

I fully expect Wilder to blow him out with the first big shot he lands.

I’m aware of the Calzaghe situation and he made it clear from the late 90s that he wasn’t interested in the big fights he just wanted to make money. And I was always heavy critical of him and genuinely believe boxing has produced fewer fighters who cherry picked and ducked like he did.


Bit of a shame but their geolocks for any of the 24/7s was annoying AF.

I hope Jim Lampley is still around to give commentary though.

In other news:


HBO have been delivering trash boxing content for a while now so I’m glad they’re gone.

Surprise surprise… Fury’s guy is pooped too :man_shrugging:t2:


Funny that, wasn’t long ago he went in pretty strong on Canelo


Emanuel Steward rated him before then said he would be the future of the division but Steward always liked the big guys.

I didn’t think he’d beat Wlad and you’re right his reputation obviously skyrocketed off that. AJ certainly didn’t win as easily as Tyson did either. The wins over Johnson and Chisora were decent considering both of those 2 gave Vitali decent contests of sorts.


Mike Tyson was interviewed a couple of years ago and was asked his biggest career regret. He said not taking Growth Hormone. That’s pretty much an admission of steroid use, which most heavyweights have been doing for a long time. Most sportsmen are doing something to give them an edge, it’s just how far they go with it.


I think Growth Hormone is the most common drug used in boxing and it’s the only way I’m convinced fighters go up in weight as seamlessly as some of them do.

AJ definitely took growth. You can see it in his body development over the years. And I’ve always been told that drug agencies don’t often test for GH in boxing. Whether that’s a cost issue or what I’m not sure. But apparently it’s a little more complex than standard testing.

Either way, I’ve always believed drug usage is rife in all top level sports and always will be. The same way I refuse to believe that Usain Bolt was clean despite running faster than every man who ever lived, most of whom were caught doping too. I don’t believe that any top level athlete is clean from some form of performance enhancing drug.


Julio Craptista was definitely on drugs too.

Whether they were the recreational kind, I’m nkt sure.


The thing is HGH alone won’t net huge gains. It works better stacked with Testosterone of some variety. The HGH test isn’t great

As for Usain IIRC he alongside other Jamaicans sprinters were been taken to a doctor in Germany who. I think it was the doctor below who would advocate taking performance enhancers that weren’t yet banned.

So you had the situation where Bolt’s teammate Yohan Blake got banned for taking DMAA before the drug was actually on the banned list.

Then you have guys like Mo Farah’s trainer Alberto Salazar who would advocate micro dosing PEDs in doses that went below detectable levels.

It’s called grey doping. And to be honest I take DMAA before most of my workouts, take legal supplements and a little bit of a testosterone pre-cursor and I’m not a competitive sports person I just want to get the most from workouts.


I won’t hear a bad word about Baptista. :raised_hand:t3:


Yeah of course stacking GH with other compounds is going to net the best gains but good pharma grade GH on its own will at least greatly aid recovery. It’s obviously significantly more effective with test, insulin etc

But yeah it’s the same way I’ll never believe Canelo only took clen because without stacking it with something else - its impact is limited.


I’m amazed this doesn’t get more discussion in general. It seems to be that WADA exist so people just think the problem is sorted. It’s impossible to weed it out fully I think.


Clen is mainly for cutting and there is a possible. I haven’t taken it but I don’t go on a diet without ephedrine/DMAA/caffiene because it cuts out my appetite. It’s still about calories in vs calories out but it makes it easier because I’m not hungry when doing that stack.

Clen is supposed to be stronger. Here’s a guy chatting about it:

For a boxer it’s a good drug because it makes dieting and cardio easier. I feel like I can run or swim for hours on some of these stims.

Did Canelo only use Clen? Possibly but if you’re going to take one PED why draw the line there?


I forgot the main grey area cheating and that’s doctor prescription. So most long distance runners have prescriptions for asthma drugs that also happen to help you keep going and going. It’s perfectly legal within the rules but they’re obviously doing it for performance enhancement.

You can take steroids/GH and have your natural levels reduced. Goto a doctor and get ‘testosterone replacement therapy’, ie steroids to treat your condition.

It’s called theraputic use exemption (TUE).


Clen is an excellent drug but definirdly much better with AAS. I’ve taken clen before and that stuff makes me shake even on 20mcg a day lol.