The Boxing Thread


Do respect your views but I think I differ here. Fury can take punch though AJ has the better chin and better conditioning. Fury is also a very good technical boxer who is hard to hit.

AJ would be my favourite should they fight now but there not. I do think Fury will beat Wilder though. I dont rate Wilder and I dont think his one over the top right thunderpunch will save him fro being jabbed then flattened by Fury to death in time. Fury might not have AJ raw power but with multiple shots and his size Wilder will go down. Wilder has a shit chin and looks like Bruno when you know hes been rocked.

I see AJ vs Fury as the big one. And if Fury gets fitter and his Gypsy ego gets fuelled it could be a great fight. Still would go with AJ KO’ing Fury round 6-8 after a ding dong though.

Great win for AJ though tonight and its all there for him if hes smart as the division especially stateside is, is poor currenly. Would be nice for him to clean win everything and be undesputed HWC.


It’s a bit of a myth that Fury is a good technical boxer. Moving without throwing punches doesn’t really make you a good technical boxer. He’s not a great counter puncher, he doesn’t have excellent fundamentals. He literally bounces around the ring for 12 rounds and throws the occasional punch.

He has no power which doesn’t really help his cause either.

Ortiz is a considerably better technician than Fury and Wilder eventually broke him and I see no difference in this fight.

People often forget Fury is a doper as well and off the juice he’s even less of a threat.


Nor does having a great physique…


Where did I say it does lol


Even if that is true, Joshua and Wilder have both shown that even when they may be losing on scorecards or struggling, they eventually land a couple bombs.

Those bombs usually do enough damage to completely ruin their opponents plan, who are then quickly dispatched. Exhibit A was last night, and Wilder Vs Szpilka.

Both of them are too big and too strong. AJ would end up landing a couple shots, and they would do damage, especially since we don’t even know of Fury is in the same shape he was back in Dusseldorf.


Fury won’t ever be in that shape again because he’s a drug cheat. And that gets overlooked far too often.


Fury is just another in the long line of overhyped British heavyweights.


We will have to wait and see, but as I say, personally, I think Fury will prove to be victorious…Will be a good fight though, if and when it happens…


He’s not overhyped. If anything, he’s underhyped (not even a word).

He’s the heavyweight champion of the world. And he’s British. His boxing ability is overlooked because he’s a bit of a prat outside the ring




Oh I agree Fury should never be in the ropes at all. However as you can see above I dont rate Wilder and think Fury is better than you give him.

To be Frank (excuse the pun) i dont see any Heavyweight, British or not - who is better than Bruno currently let alone Lewis, Holyfield, Tyson, Bowe, Ali, Frasier or any of the last centuries greats. Its such a weak division currently and AJ is clearly the best on paper.

We shall see what happens but I go with Fury winning over Wilder then getting his arse knocked down by AJ mid to late.

If Wilder wins AJ KO’s him in first three.


Like you I don’t rate Wilder and like you I know the heavyweight division is weak right now. But Wilder’s power is an equaliser and I can’t see any scenario where Fury avoids it for 12 rounds especially not when he’s clean and off the juice.


I totally agree with both of you, a really weak division at the moment…The best heavyweight of recent years was Klitcho, Fury gave him a lesson, and AJ was a lucky boy against him…that’s why I think Fury is the best option right now…

Imagine Mike Tyson at his peak right now…he would beat all of these mugs, AT THE SAME TIME…


Fury didn’t really give him a lesson though. It was one of the worst heavyweight title fights ever. Both men barely threw a punch. And Klitschko just decided to not let his hands go, which was something I believe he’d have fully remedied in the rematch.


Well, I saw it differently, Klitcho was unable to box because Fury fought a great fight, but hey, that’s opinions for you…You cannot argue that Fury deserved the win though, shit fight or not…


The thing is AJ isn’t very fluid and Fury is very fluid and has natural movement and timing that should see him beat AJ to the punch time and again. AJ could definitely has the power to spark Fury against the game of play though. So every fan wants to see it.

Also everyone in sport is doping one way or another. Do you actually think AJ and Wilder are clean? They aren’t.


I think Wilder is obviously clean and he’s shown quite an admirable commitment to proving that too. He’s over 6’6 and he only weights 220lbs. If I was to guess I’d probably say AJ has definitely been on the growth hormone as he’s considerably heavier in terms of lean muscle mass.

But then I don’t like to speculate too often. With some guys it’s beyond obvious but with these guys I’m not entirely sure. If they aren’t clean they’ve done a very very good job of hiding it.

But I do agree with you. I think most top athletes across all sports take performance enhancing drugs.


That’s fair but I think the same about Wilder.

He’s not going to be able to avoid being smacked himself and though Fury does not have the one punch power either Wilder or AJ has - he easily has enough with his speed, power and combo’s to knock Wilder out. And if he does not land that KO punch then he will leave Wilder in the same state as Chisora who quit cause he was busted up so bad. I doubt this will happen though as Wilder goes into Frank Bruno mode anytime he takes a big hit so I don’t see him taking Fury power and not going over.

You mention as well Fury has a poor chin. Two times he has been knocked down he got straight back up with no wobble in his legs and went back to the corner (Patij and Cunningham). He then knocked them into a month of Sunday. So I don’t see the weak chin thing but we shall see.

To me this one is going to be won by who is the quickest and avoids the big hits the best and to me that’s Fury. To quick, to powerful and able to switch to southpaw at will I cant see Wilder winning this. I do think this guy is the most talented boxer of all the three and if he sorts his shit out I can see him out boxing AJ.

But if Wilder knocks Fury on his arse then that’s all good with me. I don’t like Fury or Wilder and though he is a nice bloke AJ has no personality either so I’m not really fussed


Can’t wait for this, interested to hear your guy’s thoughts on Usyk.


I’ve mentioned Tyrone Spong before in this thread. He had a fight end of August against another nobody. When is it customary for boxers to actually make a jump? I know boxing records are been inflated, but he’s now 12-0 and still fighting shit opponents it seems.