The Boxing Thread


GGG is shot. In saying that I still had him winning that in a close but clear decision.


Yeah I found that bizarre too. But not surprising given it was clear from the get go that Golden Boy cooked the entire event in their favour.

From having their man walk out second to having their man win a decision in a fight he simply didn’t do enough in to win.

I do agree with @ArsenalFanNoTV though. GGG is definitely on the slide and that’s been evident for a couple of years now.

I remember when people wanted this fight back in 15/16 and we always knew Golden Boy would wait until GGG started to slide before giving him to Canelo and that’s what happened.

Either way I feel for GGG as these are career defining fights and he’s been robbed of that career defining win.


Twice. I had him winning both fights.


Yep. I had him winning both fights 8-4 so to see him get robbed of that is a huge shame.


Canelo actually was closer in this fight than the first. I was upset for GGG he got robbed. That’s the main thing that sucks about boxing. Ppl can dodge fights all they want until a fighter starts to decline. Hypothetically if Canelo and GGG were both age 28, Canelo is getting flat out destroyed imo.


I do like boxing but this is why I could never love it in the same way I do football. In comparison it is far more susceptible to corruption, and there are so many more cases of corruption.

I can’t truly get invested in something that is so often bent.


I’m with you guys for this one, I had GGG winning 116-112 that was a disgraceful decision.

How can you look at those final rounds and give it to Canelo. It was even until Canelo started getting gassed again.

Though I have to say, those final rounds were brilliant, I wouldn’t be mad at a trilogy fight.

Maybe hand GGG a win this time, he fucking deserves one.



Just seen the fight and verdict.

Boxing is an incredibly corrupt sport.




I think im going to stop watching some fights especially GBP ones.

Judges should be ashamed of themselves. 4-2 Canelo after 6 rounds was total shit…


Yeah I can’t fathom how anyone had Canelo 4-2 up by that point.


I think that was fair enough tbh, he was definitely relatively better in the first 6 compared to the last 6. I had it even but many of the rounds were very close that I can’t argue too much if somebody had either guy up by then.

GGG won the fight in my eyes based on his last 4-6 rounds.


^^ Same, I thought Canelo actually won the first 2 or 3 rounds and then GGG took over especially in like round 7-11. Canelo landed a lot more power punches too and GGG’s face looked pretty bad.