The Boxing Thread


Sneaky but smart from Joshua using this refs eagerness to break up the action to stop Parker getting inside and to recover energy.

Shit fight. But that’s the best display of boxing I have seen from AJ so far.

He still got a suspect AF chin. Wilder next pls.


Fair result but those cards are disgusting lol


Boring as fck !!


How’d you have it?

117-113 for me.

Many rounds neither of them did enough to win so I just gave them both the points lol.

Classic Italian refs innit @Luca_from_Italy


What a snorefest


116-112 or 115-113 I thought would be fair scorecards, 119-109 is crazy.

And I didn’t actually think it was boring tbh


Other than R6+7, I gave every round to Joshua.


Anyway, main event next week in Brooklyn!

Khabib - Ferguson!

And Rose’s first defence


Coincidentally the only two rounds worth watching!


Parker’s work during the middle rounds was pretty slick. Fight was beginning to get interesting at that stage. Some of his speed and movement was a joy to watch.

But AJ never really allowed Parker to sustain anything though. Very solid performance defensively and behind that long spearing jab. Parker probably gave too much away early on in the contest.

Ref went well overboard with policing the inside work.



I think people are too hard on AJ. Styles make fights and not only was Parker posing an awkward style, the ref didn’t allow the fight to flow and no doubt Joshua didn’t want to take risks knowing Wilder is potentially up next.

It was a more disciplined performance from Joshua and his footwork and general fundamentals look improved from recent fights.

People forget he’s 21 fights into his professional career and he holds 3 of the 4 world title belts. He’s accomplished a lot in a short time. But he’s still got a lot of learning to do and he hasn’t even hit his prime yet.


Thing is we prefer it when someone takes the fight to Joshua, look at the Whyte fight and Klitschko fights. This was definitely a back to basics fight sitting behind the jab which will always allow you to win and helps develop his overall boxing skills. It was boring from the pov that Parker didn’t bring anything to the fight. When he did decide to have a go it got interesting for two rounds.


He should beat his meat instead now eh?


Clenelo got popped it’s as simple as. As much as I wanted to see GGG beat him… there’s no doubt in my mind that Alvarez is cycling compounds with clen .


A bit of a shame after all their time together. Wonder what happened. Via a press release, that’s cold for Roach.

Also, check the comments lol:

Paulie a savage.


That text hurts my eyes


He can talk about the fairness of PEDs but he won’t talk about the gift decisions he’s got in his career. Most boxers are on PEDs too. And it wouldn’t matter how many PEDs Paulie took, he still wouldn’t be able to actually knock anyone out.


There is something about their genetics or the way the train/eat. I train Judo and used to compite a lot and cuban judokas are so strong and skilled just like boxers.


:cech: fair play!

Big Carl Frampton. Ive not been following Donaire career so I dunno if he is still rated high but I remember when he was hot shit (was meant to easily beat Rigorous before he got schooled for example)