The Boxing Thread


There’s a sub reddit for mma/boxing streams


Download acestream player

Find an acestream link (reddit boxing). Simples x


Got acestream already for the footy, so shouldn’t be hard at all now I know that r/boxingstreams is a thing.

Thanks all


Great punch price!!!



Haven’t seen someone knocked out and still stay on their feet before :slight_smile:


That was brutal


David Price what happened.

I remember him getting a medal in Beijing and thinking a promising career lay ahead.

He got roasted by Thompson twice and that broke him.

Kinda like Senderos with Drogba


I feel bad for him tbh, can tell in his interviews how much these losses hurt him.


Wanted him to go into a full on Haka there


Joshua’s about to fight but Big Quint just uploaded his reaction to My Dear Melancholy, fuck :exploding_head:


Ring entrance music from both: LIT/10

Appreciate the Can’t be Touched from Parker and the Black Panther from AJ


There’s a real possibility the walkouts will be longer than the fight :joy:


And Parker’s national anthems. Two of them!


english fans :facepalm:




This fight just came alive in round 6, wow :hushed::open_mouth::frowning::anguished:


And I thought PL referees were bad…


Okay I was wrong :expressionless: Apart from the referee doing his best to interrupt the contest, we’ve had one decent round


Mike Dean won that fight