The Boxing Thread


Yea I do think the guy lost three stone in a week. That’s definitely what I think. Is canelo three stone above his fighting weight? No. Him taking this to make weight two months out would be dumb. Which isn’t to say he didn’t, but I just find it highly unlikely.


Making weight is one of the hardest parts of boxing and Alvarez has the look of a fatboy. The more bodyfat he can cut the less water he has to cut on the week of the fight. Boxers like Alvarez are massively dehydrated on the week of the weigh in as it is which weakens you for fight night.

Also talking about Clenbuterol as something ‘not black and white’ is way off the radar, you have to go out of your way to get it.

Also in terms of PED benefits, if you don’t have the energy to train and you take a pill that gives you that energy then yes you will improve your performance down the line.


I’ve taken clen before and I can understand completely why it’s banned. I just couldn’t imagine a fight being called off because someone took clen. Especially not a fight of this magnitude.


It’s a well known issue in Cuba, with a lot of meat containing Clenbuterol. That muddies the water.


Apparently that’s what happened, canelo says he ate contaminated meat


Mexican UFC fighter tested hot for the same substance and was let off by USADA using the same excuse.


Wilder will get destroyed by Joshua if they fight btw.


Interesting video




What are the odds of me getting a decent stream on the boxing tonight lads? Is there a subreddit like with the football?

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Just buy it you cheapstake - you won two bets earlier! :grin:


I’m going for a foreign language one, thats worked for me in the pat wth AJ vs Klitschko etc.



Shouldn’t be an issue finding one on there.


Totally willing to buy it, it’s the most likely outcome if I’m honest because boxing is really not a sport that accommodates buffering. Just wanted to make sure there aren’t cast-iron streams available before I do lol


Navixsports streams are flawless if you’re looking to watch it on iOS / Android.

Link to the app if you’re interested -


You can’t order Sky Box Office events on BT TV :facepalm:


I’m going total sportek and German Comms or something.

It will be a better experience anyways as I don’t have to listen to jim watt


You can order it on Now TV.


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subtle :joy: