The Boxing Thread




Wilder is really not good enough. Completely out boxed by an old man who has been barely active in recent years and only wins because the old man gassed.

He is literally right hand and that’s it. Concussive power and nothing else.


Judges were going to rob Ortiz anyway.

@SRCJJ Something about these Cuban fighters, one of the scariest fighters in MMA is a Cuban 2 years older than Ortiz and he recently did this to another elite level fighter.


First time I’ve seen Wilder fight. Can’t say I was impressed considering the hype I was reading.


Wilder is shit - one punch wonder ffs !!


Going back over that fight, the ref did Wilder a lot of favours. From not warning him for repeated blows behind the head (including the many that eventually led to the stoppage) to giving him extra time to recover after the 7th round.

Not to mention the fact the judges had Wilder up at the point of the stoppage.


So is Ortiz really 38?

Shame I missed this one


He’s probably older to be honest with you. He’s said to be in his 40s.



Won’t derail anything at all. They’ve already got their excuses and there is no way the sanctioning bodies or athletics committees will stop this fight. It’s going to generate too much money.

Plus it’s only clen.


Canelo been going through Oscar’s things?!

Or is it another type of drug :thinking:


Clen is a drug previously used to treat asthma. Helps a lot when you’re trying to cut weight whilst maintaining (or even building) muscle mass.

And I guess it also has stamina benefits too since it helps with breathing.


Sounds quite performance enhancing


Perhaps if you’re caught with it in your system directly after a 5k arace but it’s performance enhancing benefits two+ months out from a boxing match would be basically nil.


Wasn’t aware of the time frame involved tbh. But even then, if it improves stamina that improves your ability to train for a fight, allowing you to get in better condition. That still sounds performance enhancing to me but I’m basing this on a throwaway sentence in SRCJJ’s post,what do I know.


Cutting bodyfat to make weight while maintaining muscle mass is obviously performance enhancing. And no it’s not from contaminated meat. He’s obviously taking it to make weight and improve his strength at the weight.


You make weight the week before a fight. Not two months out.


Using performance enhancers during the training cycle can have an effect on the match. If you recover quicker etc. you can make more training hours and use a more intense regiment during that time. It’s probably a little bit of a misconception PEDs only/mostly should work during the time of competition.


I can’t dispute that and these guys employ doctors and all sorts who know a lot more about this than I do…but…from what I have read and listened and watched when it comes to PEDs it’s not the black and white issue that WADA and other doping organisations would have you believe, i.e. drugs in the system = a cheat. I personally don’t think it possible to be a top level athlete without taking something to improve performance. That could be lucozade sport (that’s ok they say) or this stuff (not ok they say). The lines are a lot blurrier than we are lead to believe.


Horseshit, plenty of boxers need to get in shape 2-3 months out. Especially Alvarez who gains 20lbs of water after weigh ins

Do you think Ricky Hatton started making weight from 13 stone down to 10 stone a week before the fight?