The Boxing Thread


He said after the fight he wants to box Anderson Silva :joy:


Easily the most talented boxer in history, absoloutely ridiculous talent and most of the best boxers in history around his weight class wouldn’t win a round off him, nevermind beat him. Levels above the likes of Mayweather.

Sad end to his career but I don’t really hold past prime losses against a boxer when judging them. The Lacey fight was the last

Interesting story about Jones was after beating Ruiz, which was a fake title in reality. He was hoping for more PPV fights, that was his first believe it or not with what we get fed now. He tried to get Holyfield, Evander turned down if I remember correctly 25million (I might be wrong but it was big) because he wasn’t looking to be embarassed. Jones camp tried to get Tyson too but couldn’t, probably because Tyson was off his face on drugs at the time. Lennox was on the tail end waiting around for a lucrative Tyson rematch. The Klitschkos wanted Roy but that was a very hard fight for not allot of money. So he moved down to face Tarver and looked terrible, but put in his most gutsy performance to pull it off, he looked out at times and was breathing through his mouth hard and heavy early so you could tell he was past it then despite winning. He might have fared better against slower heavyweights.


The worst decision Roy made was coming back down to LHW after sizing up to be a heavyweight. It never made any sense and he was drained and to an extent, Father Time caught up with him too. I think the first Tarver fight was the one fight that answered so many criticisms about him. People used to say question his heart but he showed untold amount of heart to win that fight.

Personally I think Jones Jr is the best fighter in my lifetime followed closely by Pernell Whitaker. But I think the immediate history won’t be too kind to his standing. In a few years once the dust has settled people will forget the knockout losses and stuff.

I’ve met him though, and he’s a dick head lol


Yesterday was the 27th anniversary of James Buster Douglas upsetting Mike Tyson in Tokyo. I was only 7 years old but I still remember exactly where where I was when I heard the news. They played the fight on ESPN last night, it was pretty amazing to see that upset. Douglass had the fight of his life that night. One of the craziest fights in history maybe.

One of the most interesting things about it though was that the upset ruined the chance to see Holyfield vs Tyson in their primes. Holyfield was Tyson’s next opponent, as everyone thought it was a foregone conclussion that Iron Mike would whipe the floor with Douglas. The very next fight Holyfield won the title from Douglas. Mike had a few fights after that and then went away for rape for 3 years. Had to wait until 96 to see Holyfield beat up on Tyson.


Eubank Jr’s entrance music is second only to Anderson Silva.


It isn’t even better than George Groves’ entrance music


Is it just me or does the MC look a bit like Zlatan?


This is more one-sided than I was led to believe!


I was so certain I put £20 on Groves.


You’d think Eubank had no trainer, the way he fought… oh, wait.


He’s as arrogant as his dad, and not as good a boxer.



Me and you both. It was such an easy fight to predict.

I was at the fight, the atmosphere was electric. One of the best atmospheres I’ve ever experienced at a live fight.


Me and my two boys wanted Eubank to win but I said to them watch how Groves plans to sit behind his jab and lock up Eubank when in close. Groves had a game plan (experience) Eubank had nothing and that cut just completely threw any thoughts of a game plan out of the window.

Still glad Naseem Hamed has moved up to heavyweight :joy: highlight of the evening for me !!!



The arena went crazy when his name was called out. The Mancs love him.

If he ever does get in shape again it’ll be fun watching AJ blitz through him.


Scrap that, Anthony Yarde just topped this big time!

Why the fuck would you come around here?
I can hear your heartbeat



Wilder Ortiz gonna be nutsssssss

Odds on Parker and Ortiz effing up the whole Joshua-Wilder script should be decent


Saw it on Reddit and had to post it.