The Boxing Thread


Well yes some are saying this is a stunt to get him a better deal with his promoter…


That Parker Fury fight was terrible and the commentators even worse.


Tyson Fury is in terrific shape






Eddie Hearn saying Wilder’s camp have asked about Dillian Whyte :joy:



Really starting to become a big fan of Eubanks. Loved the “And What” look he was giving the crowd after.


Saw this posted on Reddit, clearly I’ve got Dan Rafael blocked for good reason.

Pretty sure he just ignores the fights and focuses on his Shake Shack or whatever free fast food is given to the journalists ringside.


I can’t wait for Eubank to step up to a higher level and lose again. His carefully managed career has built up unnecessary hype on him. He just doesn’t have what it takes to be the elite level fighter he or his father believes he is.


He’s in for a big shock when he fights Groves or DeGale. I’m struggling to see him even winning a single round against either of them.


Anyone recognise this guy?

Was cracking my up watching him on spike and channel 5 over the weekend and then I bumped into him outside my work today

Hes a ring announcer and his gimmick type thing is to say the boxers second name twice, took me a while to realise he wasn’t just mispronaouncing and then repeating it properly lol


Yeah that’s you right?


Yeah I’ve been growing the dreads for ages


I meant the guy on the left. I didn’t realise you were that old let alone had dreads.




lol seriously :joy:




Haha god I have no respect for all this tough guy bullshit