The Boxing Thread




Finally :pray:t3:



Hahaha the little prick. :slight_smile:


2017 is the year of the big fights.

I’ve got no idea if Rigondeaux is legit, only watched his last two fights and they both had strange endings. But most of what I read has him as a p4p candidate.


Has that been legit confirmed?
Very interesting fight if so.


I think so


Rigo is an incredible fighter. He’s just so so boring to watch.


Can’t wait for this!



Fucking hell, he got folded in half lol


Want Billy Joe to win but he’s been so poorly handled over the last year or so. Not sure how that’ll affect his performance


When’s the main event? roughly


Apparently the ring walks are around 3:30am GMT but that can extend depending on the length of the undercard bouts. Will be watching the recording tomorrow morning instead.


This is a great fight!


wtf lol


Draw a fair result, I had it 114-114.

Lol@ the Mexican judge who had Canelo 118-110 though :arteta:


Don’t agree with the result but I’m happy we’ll get a rematch.


Draw not even close to fair. GGG walked him down and won at least 8 rounds. Canelo gassed. The Mexican crowd booed Canelo, that should tell you everything.