The Boxing Thread


Is that an olympic sport?


Ahhhhhhhhh can’t unseen that now :joy:






Oscar is such a bad loser :slight_smile:


Kind of shit form though to organize this fight/side show, just before the legit boxing match that had already been scheduled.


I really don’t see how an actual boxing match is disrespectful to boxing. It’s hardly the first mismatch in boxing history.


And given the chance, Oscar would have had Canelo fight McGregor.


Consumed virtually all the content there is to consume for this event. Lapped it up like no tomorrow. The richest fight in combat sports history deserves no less. And it looks highly likely they’ll both be gunning for a finish.

I expect to see TBE show up on his 50th and final professional bout and school a truly great martial artist in the sweet sweet science. If it goes as expected the MMA community will learn to respect the sport of Boxing the hard way when Floyd lights McGregor up. Pot shots, shoulder rolls, lightning speed. Floyd too quick and too slick. McGregor will be surprised by Floyd’s power and (if need be) his chin. It should be a clinic.


The one thing in Floyd’s way is the illustrious mind of a unique martial artist. McGregor is a living, breathing homage to the immortal Bruce Lee. At the right moment he has a talent for precision and timing. Conor has at most a round or two to shock Floyd with something special.

All in all I’m sad to see Floyd go. It’s styles and skillsets like his, Pernell Whittaker’s from the past and Vasyl Lomachenko today that don’t get anywhere near the appreciation they deserve. Guy’s a damn artist in between those ropes.


Hahaha we knew he was absolutely fuming at this. Floyd is a prick for this looooool

Canelo or GGG should fake an injury and postpone the fight for more hype or something I was thinking.


Turns out they’ll also be fighting tonight for a WWF lineal title :smile:


Only 24 hours until these two idiots tell the world how much they respected each other all along and they both think the other is a great fighter :sunglasses:


Anyone betting on Mcgreggor?



his ink really just isn’t to my taste at all.



Who’s attempting to stay up for the fight?


Doing my best. :slight_smile:


Easy am on night shift :slightly_smiling_face: So this fights gonna make my shift go a littil bit faster


Anyone know roughly when the main event’s on?