The Betting Thread

Ah I forgot you throw you like £200 at these sort of bets

This makes me wanna puke :bellcry:

Do I? Interesting

I’m ready. I hope this isn’t disconcerting lol, but my banking app saved your account details as a recent payee from the PS4, you happy for me to send £20 to your account rather than PayPal?

@LordBendtner, unfortunately you lost our £20 bet, which I said could be a charitable donation if I won.

Maybe some young gooners who would have gone hungry might not now that we didn’t finish in the top four. Lets cling to the possiblity as some small measure of comfort.


Ok, Marcus


It is what it is. Considering this was done after the Brighton loss, im just glad we made it sort of exciting in the end.


Also, I forgot I placed that bet in November :joy: / :sob:

Must be around the time we placed our bet @SRCJJ lol


Haha it was the logical outcome in my eyes. Conte is a serial winner I just couldn’t see him slipping up- but I can say for sure he’s underachieved based on his level as a coach and what he got out of Spurs. Too many silly losses

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You’re giving all the money to OA though, right?

Or I will allow you spend the money on cocktails.

I wouldnt have placed that bet in November if it wasnt for you bullishly backing Conte to get top four, so thanks?

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I’m fuming though. I should have put £100 down on those odds instead of just betting £100 with OA haha

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Conte went there.

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I mean I did literally tell you to do that lmao


Fucking champ.

I’ll find a worthy cause to donate 50% of my winnings to once it’s all in.


Cocktails is rather appropriate considering it was spurs he won money on. :grinning:

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Nice one mate, thank you :+1:

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New bet for next season ?

Just go and have some sex on the beach

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CM Punk should make me some money back next weekend. :cry:

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