The Betting Thread

Fiver on draw and Arsenal win

Lets go :sweat_smile:

What odds are we to win?


Was 150 at the time

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Thought it was on when Mendy saved the fifth.

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I’m genuinely still holding out hope that I won’t be £100 richer on Sunday. If Conte stays at Spurs I can see them finishing above us and Chelsea next year


Happy to give you my 20 broski

(Defo has nothing to do with being another bet coming in)

Right boys… who’s ready to pay up for this unfortunately successful bet :smiling_face_with_tear:


I rarely ever bet so this is a rare anomaly for me lol

Pm me your PayPal man.

Send the PayPal bro

Bottlers had one job smh

Fine by me bro. Just bagged a nice some myself lol

Lmao I wish I had the balls to bet like you do I can’t bring myself to do it lol

*sum. And on what?

I’m just a bit mental tbh

@Phoebica on Arsenal to drop out of top 4 back in Feb

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Send me the details man :bellcry:

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Thanks @SRCJJ

My next dinner at the Hawksmoor is on Sky :sunglasses:


Surely odds weren’t that good though?

I did similar bets.

Screenshot 2022-05-22 at 17.10.37

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But why?

They were 4/1 when we were 4th with 3 games in hand

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