The Betting Thread

Don’t give a fuck. Also got 400 on the way for dropping out of top 4.


No surprise you 2 are bumping this thread after an Arsenal game

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No surprise that you’re crying about it :arteta:

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I put 50 pence on Brighton to win. I got £3.50 back.

That’s the kind of wholesome gambling we need to be promoting on here.


I mean you bet against your own team I’m not even taking you serious right now

Awesome lets just keep it that way then pal


Anyone gonna admit they had a treble on us to lose all three? :eyes:

Show yourselves ya rich cunts!


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Betting against Arsenal isn’t the only way to make money. Pays to bet against Spurs too.

Completely forgot I’d done this bet until just now. Seemed a no brained at the time.

Little cherry on the footballing cake today.


Damn that’s a tidy bet, only thing better would be seeing some loss porn from the people who bet on United today.


You could have bought some quality London cannons merch with that £40 Jake

My man, that’s some righteous OA street bets loss porn


Any loss porn for this one?

Hell even I was thinking about throwing a bet on against us the way we playing in that first half lmao

I bet on a draw today, but I don’t think that’s quite what you’re looking for really lol

If we made it to half time with a lead I was gonna bet on a Hammers win, but they equalised and the odds plummeted.

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Good lads spurs :arteta2:


What currency is that? And is that a lot?