The Betting Thread


Denmark too FWIW. You’re right though, bookies must be laughing


Today’s treble. Only £2 as I’m trying to see how long I can get using just this one tenner I put in my account on Friday. Had it as high as £23 on Friday night and as low as £2.63 on Sunday night haha. Got £6 in it now from last night’s win so used £2 of it for today’s


Let’s hope the Russians are still hangover from showing the Arabs the local culture.



Finally won a fucking bet haha


I am a fucking clown.


Interesting article


If you an addict yes but for everyone else it’s just a bit of fun to go along with the game


I’m certainly irritated by the constant pretence that they want you to gamble responsibly.

It’s such easy money though in a world cup. People go into it fully intending not to win which is why they’re suddenly giving away so much stuff.


What a bet from this guy! :open_mouth: haha fair play :clap:


:pray: :four: :jakey:


Can happen :unai:




Used my last £2 from my opening day tenner as just want to enjoy the knockouts without having bets on them for a while haha


My bets for today

Not bad all in all


Placed at half time of extra time


Let’s make history you Danish biscuits



C’mon :pray:


First bet of the season. Went for the fucking jugular.


Ter Stegen’s last min penalty save was huge for you :smiley: