The Betting Thread




No to both lol


I mean, it’s a very, very silly bet, I don’t think it needs someone to say it won’t happen haha


If you don’t want it commented maybe don’t post it :wink:


Its all in good humour, I obviously don’t mind anyone commenting :slightly_smiling_face:


Well then

that bet won’t happen


The bet won’t win and you’re also a prick


Let me contribute, I was dumb enough to cash this one out.


Messi fucked my acca yesterday prick. Hopefully better luck today


Told you it won’t happen.


I was disappointed not to get this notification last night. I should have known you wouldn’t let me down :kissing_heart:


Today’s treble

Sweden / Belgium / England

Third time lucky maybe? :joy:


Not won a single fucking bet so far.

If my bets on tonight’s England game don’t come in I’m giving it a rest for a week or so, fucking haemorrhaging cash atm :laughing:


What are they? :henry2:


Had an 8 team accy. 5 came in. Germany fucked up. The remaining two were Belgium win vs Panama and France win vs Peru. 10 for 250. Gutted.


Haha, cunt.

I actually don’t know yet tbh. Maybe a bet on 1-0 to England and a bigger bet on a draw.

Got any tips for me?

Inb4 “yeah, stop gambling, you’re shit” har de har har


Hey, I’m not your girlfriend.

I’m thinking Sweden and Korea should both score and it should remain under 2.5 so that’s 1-1, unless someone decides to nick it for 2-1 or 1-2.


Any thoughts on Angleterre?


Other than they are shit? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, they should win. Maybe 3-0. The draw is not an option in my opinion.
It’s not a game I’d bet on, I’d much rather go back in time and back Mexico like I wanted to but chickened out. :skull_and_crossbones: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Betting on the favourites so far has been quite costly. Only Russia and France did what they had to do based on the odds.