The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification


How do you rate your chances of getting out of your group?


Just taking the piss. You are doing the same with us :xhaka:


Don’t think France will win it to be honest. Best team on paper, just don’t think they’re managed that well. Brazil are my favourites, followed by Spain.

Personally once England are out I’ll be cheering for the old enemy, Argentina!


With all the piss taking of Italy, I’d still give England only a slightly better chance of winning this WC than them. :eyes:


Mojito boys are gonna fuck you up :kos2:


Germany clear favourites, winning the confed cup with the reserves. France have the talent, but not the organisation. Brazil is just the same, I can see a lot of teams out pressing them. England and Argentina will as usuall fall apart and Belgium, Spain and Portugal fail to live up to their expectations. I believe Egypt will be a surprise for many.


Who you going to support in the World Cup, Luca?


Think Iceland and Croatia.


I’m biased but I can see Denmark surprising a lot of people.

I was talking to friends and we all agreed that the most Danish thing ever would be to beat France, lose to Peru and then draw with Australia and go through on goal difference haha

Denmark actually has a pretty good track record against big teams at euros and wc, it’s the smaller teams we struggle against but we actually managed to score quite a few goals during qualifications and managed to put a few teams to the sword as well.

I can see us getting to the quarters and then losing to one of the really big boys but I’d take that. That would be a good tournament. The dream would be meeting Sweden in a quarter or semi final, holy shit!!


I have decided that Spain are going to win the World Cup. It’s hard to score against a wall.


I didn’t want to give it it’s own thread so in here it goes.

A bit of a shit appointment in fairness


He is Scottish and a manager so is 100% qualified for the job.