The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification


Group h is that designated poverty group.


Group L looks interesting



Fuck off :stuck_out_tongue:

At least we made the Semi and Final in 2014 and 2010


Ah ah ah :xhaka:. Stop trolling or Panama is gonna beat your sorry ass up :wink:


Could definitely see England not getting through that group.


@LFS-forward, c’mon Panama! :sunglasses: :kos2:


Gonna be a Spurs derby England vs Belgium.


Tell her! We also the WC in 2006. What about England? :poldi:


They field eleven and kick a ball around.


France attacking options are beautiful, Mbappe, Dembele, Griezmann, Benzema, Giroud, Laca, Fekir, Martial. Then you have Pogba, Kante midfield, Varane, Umtiti or Kosc, Mendy in defence. Only weakness is a Spurs GK but they should walk it


I’d still say Germany and Brazil are favourites. France have a lot of talent, no doubt, but they don’t seem to have unlocked that full potential yet. And that attack didn’t score that many goals in qualifying, either. Am I right in thinking that only Iceland scored less than them of the European qualifiers?

I’d like France to do well - provided we’re not in contention (:rofl:) - and if they click they’ll definitely be hard to beat. But so far, I haven’t seen enough to suggest they will walk it.


Germany, Spain, Brazil & France are the 4 the winner is likely to come from.


:laca: ? :xhaka:



Belgium as the underdogs as usual.

England? :thinking: :mustafi: :arteta: Maybe they can finish 2nd in the group :arteta:


Belgium, Argentina, Croatia and Portugal are the teams I’d have next in line.




I have favouritism towards a lot of France players and their attacking options could change any game but Germany is a good shout since they have a squad used to winning


Yeah exactly. France should have won the last Euros really, they’re better than Portugal!


You trolled us yesterday, i give it back today Jade :wink:


Yeah Portugal’s defence was amazing to keep them out, and Eder lmao. I was happy for Ronaldo, deserved it, he carried them and unluckily injured in final. Good outsider winning World Cup