The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification


Opening game. Russia v Saudi Arabia. Can’t wait.

Imagine the state of some of these games if they increase the number of teams.



1966 & 2018. :sunglasses::trophy:


Can’t wait!

My photoshop skills are lacking :grimacing:


Some tough groups in there though. Group D - Argentina, Nigeria, Iceland and Croatia. No easy games there.

Mexico, Sweden and Germany together too. We got away with it in comparison.


Most groups are rather boring.


What a shit draw for us lol. But I’ll be at either the Iran or Portugal game. And it’ll be fun anyway.


well well, be afraid… be very afraid. you’ll be having nightmares my English fellow gooners… terrible Panamanian nightmares buahahahahahahahaa!!!

F*ck! we’re gonna get smashed! :persevere:


No group I’d consider a group of death at this World Cup, imagine when we have 48 participants :rofl:. We will be facing off @Cristo, you must be rather happy with the draw ?


If we get out of that group, which we should, then we’ll play Poland or Colombia (probably) in the last 16. Hard, but could be a lot worse.


Russia get: The second lowest ranked team in Pot 2. The 3rd lowest ranked team in Pot 3. The lowest ranked team in Pot 4.

Who’da thunk, eh?


At least you’ll have some exciting group games I guess haha. I actually think you might beat Portugal into second place if I’m honest.

Argentina vs Nigeria is another world cup :joy:


The bromance is strong.

Can’t wait for Iwobi to send Messi into retirement… again.


Yeah pretty happy!! Don’t know anything about the way Peru or Australia play to be honest.


FFS! Such a lucky draw. Hey, but remember Iceland! :mustafi:


They do want Putin to progress :wink:


Which group are Italy in? :ozil2:


Remember Iceland :wink:


They haven’t made the draw for the qualifiers for the Qatar World Cup yet.


In the Liverpool fans group. Still bring up a great game in the mid 2000s every time we get criticised.


English so funny. C’mon Panama and Tunisia! :mustafi: