The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification


Obviously England will get Poland as per fucking usual.


I actually wouldn’t mind any of those teams in pot 4, bar Australia of course - i’m quaking in my boots at the thought of facing King Jedinak :grin:


Fear the beard


Draw takes place today, any draw for Australia will be hard but hopefully it’s not to savage towards us.


I’ll be booking my tickets to Russia almost immediately after this is done.


In the rehearsal, England were drawn in the same group as Brazil, Morocco and Denmark. I wouldn’t fancy that to be honest.


I would be incredibly happy if we drew England.


I predict England will get Germany, iceland and Serbia


Brazil, Denmark, Japan.


We can’t. Only a max of two European teams in each group.

“Nobody can be drawn in the same group as anyone from the same continent (except UEFA, can have max 2 teams per group).”


Ah didn’t know that. Oh well will get some crap group then


I never actually knew this rule existed! Let’s hope the one European team is Portugal or Russia :crossed_fingers:


Could easily be Spain and France and England and Germany together. Image it!


World Cup draw live on BBC 2 for those in the UK


I like how the BBC have only scheduled an hour and a half for it. That’s optimistic.


Shearer talking crap yet again I see


Shearer thinks our group of death would be Poland, Iran and Panama :rofl:


i think most groups could be Englands group of death, considering how shit we have been recently not even been able to beat minnows.


True. Shearer explained his choice by saying that we are better against big teams and struggle against smaller nations.

I guess going out of a tough group is less embarrassing than losing to Iran and Panama.


An enjoyable group for you @SRCJJ man! In with Spain, Portugal and Iran!

I’ll settle with England’s group tbh