The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification


Damn, Cristo is more English than Danish. He’s defending English cuisine. :gabriel:

I believe that is the origin of this epic UK afters. :ok_hand:


The fuck is that?!




If you can imagine taking all the left over veg out of the bin and mixing it all together with some mash potato then frying it in some lard, that is pretty much what it is.

It’s probably not as nice as it sounds.


It fucking is, add some bacon and bobs your uncle


Pathetic vikings. How do they are to ruin the best food in the world? Time to invade them :mustafi:


They probably include your uncle Bob’s toe nail clippings, as well as the bacon, in the recipe.




Also I agree with @Cristo

English food is underrated


Hardly underrated, but there are exceptions I’ll give you that.


You know that a scottish man is working for them, don’t you?. You should kick him out of Scotland, the fucking traitor @Calum!


Japanese and Indian food I rate above Italian. :smile:

Maybe Chinese but probably not


Ok, now i do hate you as well lol!


Italy as a whole is way overrated.


Italy is my favourite country. Never been anywhere there that I didn’t like :relaxed:


Thanks Jade! There is so much hate towards us on this board. It sounds jocks hate us a lot :xhaka:



So I called De Rossi the c word up there in the heat of the moment when he took a dive in the first game trying to get Berg sent off for nothing.

According to Swedish players he got on our player bus after the game and apologised for the dive. Never heard of a player doing that before. Respect to him for that, and I’m happy to hear it as I always liked the player and was disappointed when he was messing about during the game.


Lustig has been heavy criticized in Sweden after calling us “cunts” for booing the swedish national anthem.
I can understand him, tbh. We behaved like prats.


World Cup final draw pots are now complete. Brazil, Denmark and Nigeria coming our way :sunglasses:


I’m sure everyone will be fearing drawing the Asian Champions out of pot 4 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: