The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification


We should have had a second before we threw it away.


we did it \o/ we’re awesome! best of luck in Russia 2018 bro!


I wish!!!



Australia 0-0 Honduras at Half Time.


A goal! I honestly thought this game would go on forever.


damn 3-0 to the Socceroos, this is all but over, you’re doing it @Aussiegooner !


Commentator: “If the Ballon D’Or was decided only on headers, I think Tim Cahill would be miles ahead of Ronaldo & Messi every year.” :rofl:


Well-done my aussie mate :wink:


Yeah we were all over them in the 2nd half, was a very average tie until then lol. We still can’t score in open play however :rofl:.
No complaints though, qualifying for 4 consecutive world cups is a great achievement for us.


Thanks mate, I feel kind of guilty, we are going to Russia with our squad whilst you blokes sit at home with a squad far superior.


Football is a funny old game. It can happen.


Don’t worry the Moroccan women will be there. If you love dark eyes, dark hair and tanned skin that is :pray:t3::pray:t3:


Fuck Sweden tbh

First they knock out Italy from the World cup, then they disrespect them and the whole food loving world like this?


Italy should just declare war on them now for that act of pure treachery


Id take Swedish meatballs over Italian ones any day of the week.


:rofl: Yeah, I’m glad England will be there though, defending the art of fine cuisine!


To be fair, English food is actually really good and there’s a shit ton of ridiculously good restaurants in England (not just London).


English or in England… If the latter then you can say so about a lot of places around the world even if the local food isn’t exceptionally famous.


Nah English food is really good in general. It’s just very hearty.

Few things beat a proper good Sunday roast. Toad in the Hole is amazing too, as is Bubble and Squeak and a whole host of other English foods.

It’s just a weird hangover from the post-war period when the UK was still blighted by rationing and an economy that didn’t lend itself to eating out much.