The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification


Fuck me! Another good goal from Eriksen. 4-1.



Eriksen Hatrick :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:


I’m going to make a bold prediction now. I think Ireland are fucked and may not be going to the World Cup.


Michael Laudrup @MichaelLaudrup We are Lenmark.


The Irish fans on reddit were like “Denmark was the tie we wanted, we can beat them!”


Good thing we didn’t sign Eriksen, Wenger would just have ruined him


I’m thrilled for Eriksen. I mean, it’s absolutely fantastic that he’ll be on a massive high right before we play Spurs :expressionless:


Lacazette bagged two for France, against Ze Germans, so we’re good.,


Even Bendtner scores lol!


Ultimate disrespect :arteta:


Bendtner. Lol. He should have revealed his Paddy Power pants again.


What a penalty haha




Thanks man! Sorry not to see Buffon and Co. at the world cup :frowning:

@oompa Wooooooooo go Scandinavia!!! See you at the WC!


I feel a little better.


shamrocks absence is very telling :stuck_out_tongue:


Denmark and Eriksen making up for the other shocking play-off games.



The world cup would have been a poorer place without Sweden and Demark. Glad to see them there!

C’mon camera men do your job next summer now camera fixed on the crowd😉


Was this you @Cristo?! :open_mouth: