The 1990s Football Thread

Here are a couple

Who scored the winning goal in the 1995 Champions League final?

A: Kluivert
B: Overmars
C: Rijkaard
D: Kanu

In the 1998 World Cup semi-final between France and Croatia, which France player was sent off?

A: Blanc
B: Desailly
C: Thuram
D: Deschamps

Who was the top scorer in the 1998 World Cup?

A: Ronaldo
B: Zidane
C: Suker
D: Vieri

I’m coming back for more @Phoebica, this is fun.


Who was in charge of Arsenal for the CwC final against Real Zaragoza final in 95.
A. Stewart Houston.

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Who scored the last Premier League goal of the 90s?

A: Jody Morris


These are all really good – the kind of thing I’m looking for. Like even if you don’t know, the questions are fun and you can have a guess.

An easier one to give the noobs some hope:

Which club did Arsenal sign Dennis Bergkamp from?

A: Ajax
B: AC Milan
C: Internazionale
D: Juventus

During which year was the UEFA Champions League founded (rebranded)?

A: 1990
B: 1991
C: 1992
D: 1993

Which of these Brazilian players didn’t play for PSV Eindhoven?

A: Ronaldo
B: Romario
C: Rivaldo
D: Alex

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Who was the only captain to lift the League title trophy in three different decades, including twice in the nineties, for the same club.

Answer, Tony Adams

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Had this question in a proper pub quiz a few years ago. I had to really fight for Inter. I was the only girl on our team, so even though most of the time people respect my opinion, there is the odd time when they’d rather believe a guy. A guy on the team said it was Ajax, so I had to be so persistent “I will put my house on it being Inter”. So frustrating sometimes.


The one thing I hate about quizzes in particular is when you’re in a team with others and some joker just won’t listen to you because they’re certain they know the answer.

Did one a few years back where the question was “which fast food chain has the most stores/locations in the USA?”

I knew the answer was Subway, for some reason it was one of those unexpected facts that just stuck in my head. I said this was the answer, had one mate scoff and say something about how that’s stupid, a couple other in the team smirked/chuckled. He put down McDonald’s instead.

Without using any words I was still a massively smug cunt when it came to being given the answers later.