The 1972 Wings Tour Bus at Highbury

Greetings Gooners,

Have come onto your forum to ask for help digging up some information that is Arsenal related.

The Wings Over Europe Tour Bus, used by Paul McCartney and Wings for their 1972 European tour, apparently made an appearance at Highbury sometime between 1987 - 1993. I suspect it was later, rather than sooner.

It was for a “London Beatles Fanclub event”(sic).

I was wondering if anyone remembers this, would therefore be able to date it - and better still, have any photos of the occasion?

Thanks in advance.

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I’m guessing the oldest posters who might have an idea could be

@Stroller @DavidHillier @MO_OA49 @BizzySignal

Who was the fella that did that fun Arsenal all time draft? I’ve forgot his name, but he might know

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@SLAG but he hasn’t posted in ages.

@giner might know something too as he’s a music guy.

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Try @giner @JohnnyH @InvincibleDB10 @Kroenkeoutplease

One of them is bound to know :blush:

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So I googled “The Wings” Over Europe “Tour Bus” highbury

Which gave me the following:

Mate how did I end up on the oldest posters! I wasn’t even born when the Wings started the tour in the early 80s, I turned 33 a couple of weeks ago. :joy::rofl:


That’s actually where I got what I know about it from. There is a picture there and the guy in it gave the information I’ve given you, except I can tell you it was no later than 1993, as the bus was abroad from then until 2017.

Haha sorry mate, you just seem to talk about old times so I was taking a guess. Be happy you’re a young man my friend. Many happy returns anyway

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Haha. But that makes you just old enough to have been at Highbury c1993.

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Haha you to brother and to be fair, I was a kid in the 90s which is now over 20 years ago, which I suppose makes me an oldie!

I remember it like it was yesterday, great day and some wonderful memories that I will take with me to the grave

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Yesterday was a Beatles track. Written by Paul though.

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Cool. As you remember it so well, can you remember when it was? Any pics, by any chance?

photos were lost years ago, unfortunately