The 100 Club

With Tomas Rosicky being included into “The Arsenal 100 Club”, out of curiosity decided to follow the link to What the actual fuck?

Manuel Almunia included in the 100 Club? Next thing you know, players like Denilson will be included too (nothing against Denilson, but what’s the point of making a club with so many unremarkable players)?

Do players like Almunia, William Gallas, Arteta really represent The Arsenal?

What is the 100 club? Doesn’t to be a particularly illustrious bunch after the names you’ve mentioned haha

Edit: I’m an idiot

Well the point is they did represent the club…enough to be included in this particular “club” based on it’s parameters…

In the future all players with 100 Arsenal league appearances to their names will automatically be enrolled in to The 100 Club when they finish their playing careers, and will be presented with the official tie.

It doesn’t require a great deal of analysis. No one is marking this out as a list of the club greatest legends or anything.


Yeah I mean, that sounds pretty fair imo

So a club called “The 100 Club” has the criteria that a player gets in if he plays 100 times for Arsenal.

Well, I’ll be damned.


It’s political correctness gone mad

Seems entirely pointless but ok

Have to admit when I saw the thread title, I thought it might have had something to do with that gormless looking mouthbreather over at Shite Fart Lane.