Which goal is your favourite?

I dig Martinelli’s goal against Leicester. Came right after we conceded so we showed a lot of confidence to hit them back right away & that too with such style. Zipped all the way in from an odd angle.


Vieira’s goal. Class hit after a lengthy spell of possession with Partey and Saliba elegantly being press resistant.

Saliba’s goal vs Bournemouth also deserves a mention.

  1. Jesus’ first goal for us.
    Excellent control to stop the ball
    The vision to take on a shot from there when most wouldn’t have even considered it as an option
    The technique to lift it into the far corner from a difficult angle without the goalkeeper getting near it
    And made so much better for it being his first goal for us, cause it made me believe we had a real goalscoring striker on our hands

  2. Saliba’s long ranger
    Again a position most players wouldn’t even be attempting a shot from
    But he guides it perfectly into the top corner, made all the better from the fact he’s a CB so hardly ever in that position and can’t practice them much

  3. Vieira
    Lovely goal, wish I’d seen it live, and all the sweeter for it to come on his first prem start

  4. Marquinhos
    Lovely team counter-attacking goal, and again made better for it being a debut goal for the club

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I still am not quite sure what Tetaball is to be honest!

Play out from the back TICK but most teams do this now.

White plays inverted as does Zinny; Tomi and Tierney do not. So hard to read much into our defensive structure. Gabby and Tierney less, but most of our defenders and keepers are comfortable on the ball. Turner looks horrible.

I would say that we play with a six and both Partey and El Nenny do similar jobs to very different levels. Lokonga can not do this job. It’s clear that we play with an eight and a ten and the roles of both are clear in ‘Tetaball’

We very clearly press from the front but the back ups go our three starting players play in a completely different fashion.

I will say this though, I’m enjoying watching Arsenal at the moment.

It was a great goal but literally the least arteta-ball goal of all, it was literally just a hit from outside the box.

Yeah it is more indicative of team confidence & swagger right now than a reflection of the manager’s style.
I wasn’t being true to the thread title.