Terry Neill years

How close do people think Terry Neill’s late 70s side was to winning the league? Did the long cup runs impact on the league form? Despite losing Brady in '80, Arsenal managed to finish third in '81, which might’ve susprised many given they’d lost their best player.

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From what I recall, we were never really in with a shout of the title…We were a good cup side at the time, Brady was a BIG loss, but in all honesty, we were never going to win the league at that time…

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We never built the team around Brady. Was a crime that. There’s a bloody reason you see so many photographs with him with his hands on his hips.
Arsenal were always hard to beat but we found it hard to win on the road. Neill and Howe were to saftey first and it was bloody horrible to watch in away games particularly.

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Fucking hell forgot some of you guys suffered the the late 70s early 80s. Bet it’s still wasn’t as dire as now though :joy::rofl:

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You wanna bet mate.You prem boys aren’t getting the monopoly on shit boring football.


:joy::rofl: So true worst is at least we can watch at home, and turn the telly off when we lose. Back then there was like one game a week being televised and you had to worry about getting your head kicked in anywhere you went. Still at least you guys had Brady to watch, who the fuck have we got now?

Don’t get me wrong some good players but the management just never let the shackles off.

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It was pretty bad.
Apart from the three FA Cup finals, there wasn’t much to cheer about and we were a just above mid table team.
Players like Brady and Stapleton were great but, just like when Wenger was manager, we couldn’t keep hold of them.

There were some good signings who were top quality but Neill, and after him Howe, dragged us down to a similar position we’re in now, although Arteta is in a class of his own, when it comes to poor managers.