Federer still better than both lads dw

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Nadal has beaten peak Federer. I don’t think Jokervic can boast the same.

I think in the end it’s right to have it like this;

  1. Djokovic
  2. Federer
  3. Nadal
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Ok, if you think so, I respect your opinion but I strongly disagree.

That is only stat that is left, so Novak haters cling to it so tightly

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Everybody is wrong Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe are the greatest


Djokovic will end up 3 or 4 clear when it’s all said and done, if it wasn’t for nonsensical mandates he’d already be a couple clear.

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His mental strength is just superior

Demonstrated it so many times now and honestly he can go on for at least another couple of years, the levels he is still able to play at is quite frankly ridiculous.

Great to see him triumph here after last years fiasco


Djokovic is The GOAT.

The mental fortitude on this guy is insane.

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Being mooted that the USA will be dropping the wild covid mandates regarding vaccination on May 11.

If true that’s fantastic for Novak as it’ll mean free to play at Flushing meadows.

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Djokovic could win 10more titles but Federer would still the goat.

It’s be a bit like nobody could convince me Haaland is better than Henry even if he scores 60 goals a season.

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I’m sorry but who you like more isn’t the goat lol


It takes them this long :joy::joy::joy:

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Especially in an individual sport

Fed fans are down bad

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If you want to base it only of numbers then there can never be a debate in any sport. Person with highest number = greatest.

I don’t subscribe to that at all.

But that was only metric when Federer was far ahead in numbers


Exactly also all these guys played for a long time in the same era

When Federer was ahead in slams all this other criteria wasn’t spoken about at all lol


So highest number = greatest?

It is competitive sport of course numbers are most important.

I would say it is the most important metric especially when it’s not just a single number Djokovic is ahead in so many categories that it’s ridiculous and both he Federer and Nadal et al all played in the same era

Federer does have a beautiful all round game incredible skill-set that is quite frankly almost impossible to replicate, Alcaraz is probably the closest I’ve see to what Federer brings to the table. However, I think Djokovic is actually underrated in terms of his all round game. His backhand is a thing of beauty, forehand can hang with anyone on tour, serve is just as good as Federer’s not the biggest but clutch AF, movement, net skills, defence, turning defence into attack and of course he has an unmatched return of serve - no one does it better.

Many see him as some kind of robot with regard to his tennis but he has all the shots and then some and has displayed this over the years to great effect, coupled with the accolades and records and I don’t see how Federer can be seen to be greater than him unless of course one is a Federer fan.