Let’s hope Dimitrov does something next round :pray:

Playing well it seems, if Djokovic moves like the other night he has every chance…

Been lots of upsets this AO, a non top 20 player is assured of making the SF from the bottom quarter…

Btw I’m going tomorrow night and Andy Murray is on the court I’ve got tickets for.

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Nice :slight_smile:

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Medvedev in trouble here

Medvedev hasn’t been the same player since he lost the final last year.

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Korda is like Berdych V2

Big potential

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Crazy match today between Rublev and Rune…

Complete domination by Djokovic tonight.

Not bad


Sounds like the umpires have been having a shocker on the whole, have they been that bad or is tiktok dramatising it?

Why would they suddenly be so bad :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Tsitsipas vs Khachanov

Djokovic vs Tommy Paul

Djokovic reigns supreme in Australia



:goat: La Decima


Personally I’d never have returned to Australia after what we did to him 12 months ago.

But much respect the guy is a mental giant bigger than that, returns here and wins in a canter.

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Still not better than Nadal. Proper GOAT

Numbers disagree

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Numbers are equal, but Nadal on clay is imperious. He’s won all the others at least twice, too.

It is narrow-minded to look only GS numbers in the debate of true GOAT

It’s the only numbers that matter. And Nadal is level for now.