Yeah it does sound like I’m knocking Rafa and Djok by saying that tbf lol

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A shame

@Darkseid AO draw just took place…

Interesting 1st round matchups are

Rafa vs Draper
Murray vs Berrettini
Rublev vs Thiem

Rafa and Medvedev in the same quarter

Novak could expect a quarter vs Nick/ Rune / Rublev.

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Djokovic must be loving that none of the current best players in the world are there.


Bagged himself a nice draw, Rune could be a challenge but I can’t see anyone defeating him here on this court, pleased with his form.

Nadal could potentially go out 1st round against Draper, could pose a problem for him and Medvedev will be waiting if gets through who needs to get over this slump.

Murray is probably not making it out of the 1st round, he really needs to hang it up this year, it’s been over for a while. Thiem needs a decent run here, I really hope he can put it together, Thiem at his best is great for the game.

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What a call.

I mean, who else could make such a prediction about the odds on favourite?!


Monster effort from Andy Murray.

He fought hard but thing is almost all his matches are like this, most of the time takes a huge effort to win his matches

After a few of them damage is done.


Nadal out in straights to an American journeyman.

Redemption. Last year all of them loved not having Djoko there :man_shrugging:t4:


Looking cooked body just isn’t hacking it anymore, it’s harder and harder to bounce back and find a good level

French or bust and even there he may be vulnerable

Djokovic battling big time with the Hamstring issue @Darkseid

But proceeded to win the last two sets 6-2 6-0 :thinking:

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Got there in the end, hopefully it’s nothing major

Still looking imperious overall

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What’s transport like in Melbourne? How do people get home at 3am?

People will be ok, they don’t have to wait long for the first train home now…

Usually last train is about 1230am/ 1am, first train 430am/ 5am… apart from Friday and Saturday nights we have all night running…

What a fucking match…

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Credit to Murray but yet another five setter lol

Kokkinakis played well but he simply had to win this match, he just isn’t going to make it

Bautista Agut is licking his lips

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Andy Murray back to his best?

Nah I wouldn’t say that, he’s an absolute fighter though.

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Nowhere near, his best is far behind him unfortunately.

Showed the champion spirit but honestly he needs to hand up the racket soon

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